Women’s professional volleyball KGC Ginseng Corporation pursued Korea Expressway Corporation for third place. 

In the 2022-23 Dodram V-League Women’s Round 5 away game held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 12th, Ginseng Corporation scored 5th place GS Caltex in the league with a set score of 3-1 (25-17, 26-24, 19-25, 25-22) broken with He took 16 blockings and gained the upper hand in the fight for air supremacy. Main gun Elisabeth Varga scored 29 points, the most of both teams, middle blocker Jeong Ho-young scored 17 points, and domestic ace Lee So-young scored 12 points. 

Ginseng Corporation, which added 3 points, marked 41 points (13 wins, 15 losses). They approached the road construction (44 points, 15 wins, 12 losses) by 3 points. GS Caltex (39 points, 13 wins, 15 losses) even gave up 4th place.  토토사이트

Ginseng Corp. and GS Caltex’s attack power on the side is difficult to distinguish. MoMA ranked first in scoring last season (2021-22) (819 points), and Elizabeth is also an apogee spiker who is excellent enough to rank 6th in this category (598 points) as a member of the lowest-ranking Pepper Savings Bank. The difference is the middle blocker gene. GS Caltex had the longest (2m6cm) Apposite Lutz in the 2020-21 season that achieved the treble. The strength of domestic middle blockers was not bad either. However, both height and performance are somewhat disappointing this season. 

The winner was the 2nd set. Ginseng Corporation, who took the first set 25-17, made a deuce by intercepting MoMA’s attack following Ho-Young Jeong’s quick break at 17-17 and an open score at 22-24. In the ensuing defense, Jeong Ho-young shook the opponent’s attack by blocking Han Su-ji’s fast attack and Moma’s back attack. Even in the situation that followed, Lee So-young and the twin blocker wall were built to end the set. The official record was a blocking assist. 

Ginseng Corporation, which won the first two sets, lost the third set 19-25, but ended the match in the fourth set. Elisabeth, Park Hye-min, and side strikers scored consecutively in 19-20, leading to a close match, and Jung Ho-young and middle blocker Park Eun-jin, who are building a twin tower, blocked Kwon Min-ji’s attacks in 21-21 and 23-21 to create a match point. . GS Caltex, which was driven to the edge of the cliff, collapsed when domestic ace Kang So-hui made a mistake. 

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