Samsung’s ‘Young-gun Infield Commander’ Kim Ji-chan (23) is eager for the 2023 season. He is evaluated that he is growing every year, but he nailed it, saying, “I am not a good player.” He sets strict standards for himself. So he’s more excited.

Kim Ji-chan made 113 games in the 2022 season, a batting average of 0.280, 25 RBIs, 62 points, and an OPS of 0.693. The statistic standard WAR (contribution to victory against substitute players) also jumped from 0.90 in 2021 to 2.08 in 2022. He had a career high season in many ways.

There is regret. It’s an injury. He had been away for quite some time as his thigh hurt. He’s looking forward to the 2023 season. He continues to exercise almost non-stop. He participated in the finishing camp that lasted from November 1st to the 25th of last year, and after returning home, he took only a few days off and started training again in December. The resolution is firm.

Kim Ji-chan said, “I am working out hard. Isn’t that what he should be doing? He has been working out in Seoul since he returned from finishing camp, and came down to Daegu on the last day. He continues to train at Lions Park,” he said.

“I trained a lot during the final camp. He seems to have lined up a lot. This is the first time he has camped overseas since joining the team. I will go to spring camp and work hard again. The coach kept emphasizing the basics. He also practiced the catching and throwing stance consistently. He seems to have gained a little more confidence.” 스포츠토토

I looked back at 2022. “Personal records must develop, of course. It is unfortunate that the team’s performance is not good. There was an injury. I took it to mean ‘take good care of your body’. I’m so sorry for the team. I am not a good player. It’s nothing compared to the best players in the league yet. It is still far away. First of all, it is important to go through the season without any injuries. It must be done,” he said, raising his voice.

With Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin leaving, the infield is evaluated as having weakened. Naturally, Kim Ji-chan’s role grew. “They say the infield is weak, but it’s not. There are many good players. I want to change that gaze. Responsibility is always felt. I want to do well. (Lee) Jaehyun also follows me well. thanks. I think it will be fun to run together.”

In 2023, there will be Hangzhou Asian Games. I get greedy. However, there is no obsession. “Doing what I have to do comes first. There is, of course, a desire for the Taegeuk mark. If buried there, it can be disturbed. If you don’t get selected, you just have to work hard for the rest of the season. Everything depends on me,” he emphasized.

Finally, “The goal is to win unconditionally. Personal records are not on the side of setting numbers. there is something to think about try to run a lot You don’t have to get hurt to do that. I want to play the season full-time without injury. I think the record will follow.”

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