The possibility of Klinsmanho playing a Korea-Japan match during the upcoming June A match has been raised.

Japanese media <Sponichi> raised the possibility that the Japanese national soccer team’s next A-match opponent could be the Korean national soccer team. According to the report, <Sponich> said, “We confirmed last November that Korea was being discussed again as a match A. Korea was also mentioned as a match A in March. Although it was not possible, an official from the Korea Football Association said, “We strongly hope to play the match against Japan within this year. We are currently negotiating for a match in June.”

<Sponichi> then quoted Yasuharu Sorimachi,온라인카지노 head of the technical committee of the Japan Football Association (JFA), and evaluated that Japan wants to play against a top player in the FIFA rankings, and that Korea, an ‘eternal rival’ and ranked 27th in the FIFA rankings, has no shortage of opponents. .

In addition, citing an anonymous official, he said, “The Korea Football Association seems to have internal difficulties regarding the issue of amnesty for disciplinary soccer players such as those involved in match fixing.”

In the Korea-Japan match, Korea has an absolute advantage with 40 wins, 23 draws and 15 losses. However, in the recent match against Japan, they are showing bad moves, such as being defeated in a row. It seems that the Korea-Japan match should be approached cautiously as public opinion is greatly influenced by the outcome.

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