Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = Managing Director Kim Cheon took the lead in revitalizing the local economy through a shopping event in a traditional market.

On the 20th, Gimcheon held a shopping event at a traditional market to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Representative Director Bae Nak-ho and other executives and staff members visited Pyeonghwa Market located in Pyeonghwa-dong, Gimcheon, and purchased groceries and ancestral rites with Gimcheon Sarang gift certificates. 스포츠토토

The event is part of the soccer team’s campaign to revitalize the local economy. It was carried out as part of the accompaniment for the realization of the social value of the soccer team and the development of the civic team.

CEO Bae Nak-ho said, “In the midst of the Lunar New Year, a national holiday, we sought ways for the soccer team to be of practical help in the region. It’s a small cost, but I hope it will have a positive impact on the revitalization of the local economy through the club. I hope you all have a great Lunar New Year holiday with your family.”

Since its foundation in 2021, Gimcheon has made steady efforts to grow into a civic team with local residents, such as helping rural workers, traffic guidance campaigns, and donating masks and soccer balls.

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