The memorable ‘A-Road, Samgu, Samjin’ has become 16 years ago. In the 2006 WBC (World Baseball Classic), how far will Korea have to go to repeat the feat of defeating the United States, the “Earth Defense Force,” made up of major leaguers? Looking at the table, this time, it will take until the final to meet the United States.

The WBCI confirmed and announced the schedule after the tournament. According to the bracket, 1st place in Group A and 2nd place in Group B will be placed in the quarterfinal match on the 15th, and 1st place in Group B and 2nd place in Group A will be placed in the 2nd match in the quarterfinals on the 16th. However, there is a proviso clause. Even if Japan advances to the second round in second place, it will play on the 16th. This was also revealed in July.

If Japan’s advance to the second round is certain, unless Japan is eliminated, Korea will play the quarterfinals on the 15th.

The composition of the tournament in Group C and D, which will be held in Miami, has also been decided. 1st place in Group D and 2nd place in Group C will play against 1st place in Group D and 2nd place in Group C in the 3 matches of the quarterfinals on the 18th, and 1st place in Group C and 1st place in Group D will face off in the 4th match of the quarterfinals on the 19th. There is also a proviso here, but the United States will play on the 19th regardless of ranking. This content was added this time.

In the semi-finals, the winner of game 1 and the winner of game 3 of the quarterfinals will compete on the 20th, and the winner of game 2 and the winner of game 4 of the quarterfinals will advance to the final on the 21st. The final is on the 22nd. 안전놀이터

Korea, along with Japan, is considered a strong team to pass Group B in the first round. However, if Japan is assigned to the quarterfinals two matches on the 16th regardless of ranking, Korea must enter the quarterfinals one match even if it ranks first in the group. Since the United States will unconditionally enter the quarterfinals, Korea will have to go to the final to meet the United States again.

Of course, the priority is to pass the first round and win the quarterfinal tournament. For two weeks from the 14th to the 27th of next month, Korea will train at the Kino Sports Complex in Arizona, USA, and match their hands and feet. In March, he will return to Korea and train at Gocheok Sky Dome to adjust to the jet lag and adapt to the stadium, and will depart for Japan on March 4.

The evaluation match will be held in Osaka, not Tokyo. After an official evaluation match against Orix on the 6th and Hanshin on the 7th, they move to Tokyo to face the WBC finals. The first round is over if you play against Australia on the 9th, against Japan on the 10th, against the Czech Republic on the 12th, and against China on the 13th.

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