I can’t say anything, but seeing the results makes me sad.

The keyword for the men’s professional basketball semifinal playoff between Seoul SK and Changwon LG is ‘mannequin’. These three letters dominate the game for both teams. The fans watching are so much fun, but LG and Lee Kwan-hee are probably going to die.

LG was in danger of being eliminated.온라인카지노 This is because they gave up both the 1st and 2nd games of the semifinal against SK held at home Changwon. If we lose just one more game, we have to pack our bags. Amidst the stagnant atmosphere, it is a big burden to have to go on an SK expedition with the most home fans.

LG encountered bad news even before the semifinals started. This is because Asem Marey, the pillar of the team, was ruled out of the playoffs due to injury. However, they brought in a high-quality substitute foreign player named Reggie Perry, and LG was originally a team with a higher percentage of domestic players, so it was worth fighting against SK. SK was also in a situation where MVP Choi Jun-yong was missing last season.

In fact, both games were super-thin. In particular, in the second game, LG seemed to be winning, but just before the end, the opponent Leon Williams gave the winning goal of a bitter comeback and collapsed by 1 point. In the first game, LG took the lead with a big lead in the first half. If only the details were managed well, we could have won 2 wins beyond 1 win.

In the end, it means that SK players with a lot of experience in big matches did not lose their concentration until the end, but what is interesting is that LG Lee Kwan-hee was the one who brought the SK players together.

In an interview with a media ahead of the first game, Lee Kwan-hee mentioned the reason why he was particularly strong against SK and referred to his opponents as ‘mannequins’. It meant that matchup opponents such as Choi Won-hyuk, Choi Seong-won, and Oh Jae-hyun could not stop him. It may seem like a witty expression, but the SK players who heard this couldn’t be in a good mood.

SK players openly counterattacked Lee Kwan-hee. Choi Seong-won and Choi Won-hyuk confronted each other by copying Lee Kwan-hee’s ‘Clock Ceremony’. During a broadcast interview before the game, he imitated a mannequin behind the player being interviewed. After the victory in the second match, veteran Huh Il-yeong said, “Lee Kwan-hee’s mannequin remarks had a positive effect on SK players.”

From a third-person perspective, Lee Kwan-hee’s provocation this time became a perfect self-killer. To make a provocation like this, he has to show himself to overwhelm with his skills and win the game to shine, because he lost both games. In particular, in the first game, it was one of the LG losses that was greatly sluggish. As mentioned above, the match between the two teams was decided by a piece of paper, and if you think that SK, which took a step further with the power of this mannequin controversy, was slightly ahead, it can be interpreted that it had a huge impact on the game as a result.

However, you can’t criticize Lee Kwan-hee. Fans get bored if they just fight calmly without provocations before the biggest event on the professional stage. We should applaud the great ‘entertainer’ Lee Kwan-hee for heating up the atmosphere of the semi-final stage. However, from the perspective of LG and director Cho Sang-hyun, ‘Why did you say useless things’?

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