Professional baseball Lotte Giants released pitcher Seo Jun-won.

The Lotte Giants held a club disciplinary committee on the 23rd and decided to release Seo Jun-won. The club decided to leave the club, the highest level of discipline메이저놀이터, regardless of whether they were charged or not. Lotte said, “We acknowledge the player’s negligence in management and will strictly implement gender awareness education in the future to strictly prevent recurrence.”

According to the <Busan Ilbo> coverage on the 23rd, Seo Jun-won was booked at the Busan Dongnae Police Station at the end of last year on charges of kidnapping and luring a minor. In December of last year, the police sent Seo Jun-won to the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office on these charges. The Busan District Prosecutor’s Office assigned the case to the Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Department and is conducting an investigation.

It is known that the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office recognized the need to investigate the arrest of Seo Jun-won and requested an arrest warrant for Seo Jun-won. On the 21st, the Busan District Court dismissed the prosecution’s arrest warrant by conducting interrogation of the suspect before arrest (examination of warrant validity) for Seo Jun-won. On the 21st, Seo Jun-won waited at the Busan Detention Center while the court was reviewing the validity of the arrest warrant, and was released on the morning of the 22nd, right after the warrant was dismissed. Seo Jun-won was investigated by the prosecution without detention due to the court’s dismissal of the arrest warrant. Prosecutors will make a final decision on whether to indict her after conducting a reinforced investigation into Seo Jun-won.

Seo Jun-won is accused of kidnapping and enticing minors. It refers to the crime of placing a minor under the control of oneself or another person and violating normal guardianship or free living conditions.

[Apology from Lotte Giants CEO]

Lotte Giants sincerely apologize for the recent unfortunate incident caused by a member of the club.

It is absolutely unacceptable for a professional baseball player who is supported by many fans to commit a crime against minors.

In particular, this disgraceful act, targeting teenagers who love professional baseball and dream of watching players, hurt the hearts of many people.

The club apologizes once again for acknowledging the player’s neglect of management and causing social controversy.

The club promises to prevent strict recurrence through periodic prevention of sexual violence and conduct of gender awareness education in the future.

Once again, I would like to express my apologies to everyone who loves Lotte Giants.

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