There was a reason why Lotte pulled out the knife.

The Lotte Giants held a disciplinary committee on the 23rd, “As soon as it was confirmed that Seo Jun-won had been investigated by the police for criminal acts against minors and was transferred to the prosecution, the club held a disciplinary committee on the 23rd. decided,” he said.

Seo Jun-won is accused of producing sexual 안전놀이터exploitation of children and adolescents by having a minor victim whom he met online in August of last year take and send body pictures to. It was at the end of last year that Seo Jun-won began to be investigated for the charges.

However, Seo Jun-won did not inform the club of this fact. After the season, he was sent to Geelong Korea, Australia, and went through spring camp. He pitched in an exhibition game against Samsung on the 20th and left 3 scoreless innings, and went to work fine on the 23rd when an exhibition game with NC was scheduled.

Lotte believed Seo Jun-won’s words, “I went to court because I was personally scammed.” However, Lotte, feeling suspicious, intensively questioned Seo Jun-won on the 23rd, and Seo Jun-won admitted it only then. This is the real reason for Lotte’s withdrawal even though the investigation is still ongoing.

Lotte has no choice but to be ridiculous. Seo Jun-won, who joined Lotte in 2019 as the 1st designation, raised many expectations as a side pitcher who threw 150 km, but in 2019, 4-11, an average ERA of 5.47, 2020, 7-6, an average ERA of 5.18, 2021 1-3, 3 Following an average ERA of 7.33 in holds, last year, he recorded 3 wins, 3 losses, and an average ERA of 4.80 in 2 holds, failing to stand out.

Lotte was busy trying to save Seo Jun-won’s talent. Seo Jun-won, who finished last year’s season, was dispatched to Geelong Korea, and I couldn’t help but look forward to seeing Seo Jun-won, who digested hell training in the spring camp. Even though he was primarily a relief pitcher last year, he was considered a top five starting pitcher. Even in the demonstration game, he threw a fastball that reached 150 km and was maintaining good condition.

However, the relationship between Lotte and Seo Jun-won ended like that. Seo Jun-won’s belated confession urged a quick breakup with Lotte. Even though he was a top-notch prospect who was highly praised for being a ‘greatest talent’, Lotte had no choice but to pull out his sword.

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