The mentality of the next-generation soccer emperor was as expected.

The British ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 23rd (Korean time), “Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’s Kylian Mbappe followed the ceremony of Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa) who mocked him.” 안전놀이터

France faced Argentina in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Mbappe also scored a hat trick and flew, but the final winner was Martinez. He showed a saving performance in the penalty shootout and won the championship trophy for Argentina after 36 years.

Was the joy of winning too great? After the match, Martinez raised eyebrows for his overreaching behavior.

Martinez demanded silence for Mbappe in the locker room, and also held a sudden ceremony by holding the Golden Glove trophy to the groin. In addition, during the victory parade, he even mocked by holding up a doll with Mbappe’s frown on it.

Eventually, FIFA punished Argentina and Martinez for violating disciplinary rules.

“Congratulations to Martinez for his actions,” Mbappe said earlier. It doesn’t matter,” he replied.

Here, Mbappe actually showed the aspect of ‘mental king’ with the action of imitating Martinez’s ceremony. Sports Bible explained, “Mbappe followed Martinez’s ceremony after winning the French Ligue 1 November-December player award at the PSG training ground.”

In fact, in a video released on social media, Mbappe put the Ligue 1 Player of the Month trophy on his crotch and made a humorous expression like Martinez, making people around him laugh.

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