Mitchell, who allowed an upset in the first round, expressed his determination. 

Cleveland has been 크크크벳at the bottom of the table ever since LeBron James left. Last season, thanks to the growth of young players, they recorded 44 wins and 38 losses, but failed to advance to the playoffs. Then, for this off-season, they recruited Donovan Mitchell (185cm, G), and it was a great success as a result.

Mitchell led the team in averaging 28.3 points, 4.4 assists and 4.3 rebounds this season. As a result, Cleveland finished 4th in the East with a record of 51 wins and 31 losses. It was Cleveland’s first time in the playoffs since LeBron James left.

It was Cleveland who had a successful regular season. However, in the playoffs, it was a bit disappointing. They faced the 5th seed, the New York Knicks, but lost 1-4. It was the only win in the second game.

Mitchell also faltered somewhat in the playoffs. In Game 1, he scored 38 points, but the team lost. After that, in the second game, he scored 17 points, but with the help of other players, he won the game. But the problem started before the 3rd game. Mitchell averaged 20.3 points over the next three games played. The Yatoo success rate was only 39%. With Mitchell blocked, Cleveland was unable to break through the opponent’s defense and gave up three games in a row. It was a disappointing finish compared to a successful regular season.

Mitchell also expressed regret. “We’ve done a lot this year, but the season is over,” Mitchell told Cleveland-area reporter Chris Pedo. I don’t think this is right,” he began the interview.

He continued, “I was sluggish in the playoffs and the criticism coming to me is natural. My teammates believed in me and the fans believed in me. But I couldn’t live up to that belief,” he admitted.

However, “I will admit my mistakes and work harder to become better in the future. I will make up for my deficiencies in the summer and get in touch with my teammates. I will go out next season with a more developed image with my teammates.”

Mitchell also said, “I want to thank my teammates, coaching staff and everyone who supported me. I came this far because of them. There was help from many people. I am proud of them” and did not forget to thank the people around them.

Although sluggish in the playoffs, Mitchell has established himself as Cleveland’s undisputed ace. Can Mitchell, who is spending his second season with Cleveland, come back stronger as he promised? If so, there will be a change in the landscape of the Eastern Conference.

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