The wall of the Major League (MLB) is too high… .

Baltimore Orioles’ right-handed fireballer Grayson “G-Rod” Rodriguez (23), who was one of the best pitching prospects in American professional baseball, was notified of going to the minor leagues.

Rodriguez started the home game against the Texas Rangers held at Camden Yards in Baltimore yesterday (27th) in our time and showed the worst pitching of 3.1 innings and 9 runs (8 earned). This is the first time Rodriguez, who made his major league debut this year, gave 9 runs in one inning.메이저사이트

Baltimore sent Rodriguez down to Triple-A today with a minor option. “Rodriguez is going to be a very good starter going forward,” Baltimore manager Brandon Hyde said, “but it’s hard to get up in the big leagues and struggle, then go down to the minor leagues and understand what it takes to get back here. It is very important,” he explained the reason for the relegation.

Rodriguez was one of the best pitching prospects not only in Baltimore, but in the major leagues as a whole. Rodriguez, who joined Baltimore in the 1st round of the 2018 draft (11th overall), steadily progressed through the minor leagues and rose to become one of the best prospects in the league.

Rodriguez was ranked 7th overall by MLB pipeline earlier this year and 6th overall by BA (Baseball America). He was second all-time among pitchers. The only pitching prospect ranked higher than Rodriguez was Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Andrew Painter, 20.

Even after debuting in the big leagues earlier this year, he showed off his tremendous pitch by throwing fastballs with an average speed of 96.9 miles (156 km/h), but eventually went down to the minor leagues to suffer from a difficult pitch.

Rodriguez wasn’t good with a 7.35 ERA in 45.1 innings in 10 starts. He held up well with a 4.07 ERA in 24.1 innings in April, but collapsed completely with an ERA of 11.14 in May.

K/9 (strikeouts per 9 innings) was 11.12, but the pitch was solid, but BB/9 (walks per 9 innings) was 4.17, so the command problem was serious, and the fastball was driven to the center, allowing home runs often. His HR/9 (home runs per 9 innings) was 2.58.

Hyde said, “Rodriguez should be prepared to throw off-speed pitches (such as a changeup) at the right time to throw a fastball.”

Right-hander Austin Voss is expected to replace Rodriguez’s starting position in Baltimore right away, and left-hander Cole Irvin in Triple-A is also considered a potential starter.

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