Men’s professional volleyball Woori Card extended its winning streak to three games. Woori Card won 3-2 (24-26 25-22 20-25 25-21 15-8) after a full set match in the 2022-23 season Dodram V League OK Financial Group home game held at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 22nd.

With this, Woori Card became 14-9 (37 points). As OK Financial Group recorded 12 wins and 11 losses (37 points), Woori Card rose from 4th to 3rd, and OK Financial Group went down to 4th.

In our card, the left and right double cannons were active. Agamez (Colombia) scored 23 points and Na Gyeong-bok scored 22 points, respectively, contributing to Ollimia’s victory. Kim Ji-han also scored 12 points and supported her well.

For OK Financial Group, Leo (Cuba) scored 30 points, and Song Myeong-geun, Park Seung-soo, and Jin Sang-heon each scored 10 points, but had to be satisfied with 1 point.

In the first set, Woori Card continued a good flow, but in the second half of the set, OK Financial Group turned it over. In the middle of the set, Woori Card tied up middle blocker Kim Wan-jong’s serve ace, opponent’s center line over Beom-sil, and Na Gyeong-bok’s attack, leading to a score of 15-11.

In the second half of the set, the set point was reached 24-22, and from this point on, OK Financial Group started the chase. The spikes attempted by Park Seung-soo and Leo succeeded one after another, making it 24-24 deuce.

OK Financial Group laughed at Deuce. Park Seung-soo and Jin Sang-heon blocked the spikes hit by Agamez in succession and took the first set. 헤라카지노도메인

Our card made up for the 2nd set. The crisis came again in the second half of the set. In the 23-19 situation, the opponent conceded consecutive runs and was chased by 23-22. However, it was different from the first set.

In Woori Card’s 24-23 situation, Jeong Seong-gyu, who came out as a one-point server, succeeded in sub ace and won the set, balancing the game. In the third set, OK Financial Group again took the lead.

Leo’s offensive power was revived and the score widened to 18-11 in the middle of the set. Woori Card caught up 14-18 thanks to Song Hee-chae’s serve and Kim Ji-han’s lead. Then OK Financial Group counterattacked with Leo’s sub ace.

Our card did not sit down as it was. Hwang Seung-bin and Na Gyeong-bok served as ace and chased again 19-22. However, OK Financial Group did not give any more room. Following Park Seung-soo’s open attack, Jin Sang-heon made it 25-20 with a direct kill to take the set lead again.

Woori Card led the game to the last 5 sets. Until the 4th set, the atmosphere was OK Financial Group.

The score widened to 10-4. However, Woori Card started chasing at this point, Park Jun-hyeok blocked Leo’s attack, and Agamez attempted a push attack, turning it into a song-gong, 13-12.

Afterwards, Kim Ji-han’s blocking, Agamez’s serve score, and Na Kyung-bok’s attack successively led the team to a 19-15 victory, eventually winning the set and balancing the game.

Our card, which has risen in momentum, brought the atmosphere early in the 5th set. Agamez and Kim Ji-han succeeded in attacking and sub-aces in succession, leading to a score of 12-3, consolidating the winning spirit.

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