A big match between Ulsan, the leader in professional football, and Seoul, the runner-up, will be held tomorrow (14th).

It is expected that the game will be split in a goal-getting match between Na Sang-ho of Seoul and Joo Min-gyu of Ulsan, who are in first and second place in scoring.

A fantastic volley goal against Gwangju by Na Sang-ho of Seoul, who had booked the Goal of the Year candidate in advance.

Na Sang-ho, 안전놀이터who is already leading the scoring with 8 goals, is now aiming for the goal of Ulsan, which has not been defeated for over 5 years.

In particular, I want to show off my confidence as the current top scorer in front of Joo Min-gyu, the 2021 top scorer.

[Soundbite] Na Sang-ho/FC Seoul : “(Jumin-kyu Joo) is a player who is good at positioning and impact, so I think I need to be careful, and I will try to prepare a good competitive structure so that the team called FC Seoul can advance to the championship.”] K-League with 6

goals Ulsan’s new weapon Ju Min-gyu, who runs second in scoring, welcomed Na Sang-ho’s bold challenge.

No matter how well Na Sang-ho and Seoul do, it will be difficult to break through Ulsan’s defense.

I was confident that the shield of Ulsan, the current K-League team with the fewest goals, is stronger than I thought.

[Soundbite Joo Min-gyu/Ulsan] “I think (Na Sang-ho) is a good player because he shows everything. Our team atmosphere is also very good, so I’m looking forward to it because I think we’ll have a fun game.”]

KBS Korean Broadcasting will broadcast live the confrontation between Ulsan and Seoul, which will heat up with a battle of resourcefulness between coach Hong Myung-bo and head coach Ahn Ik-soo as Na Sang-ho and Joo Min-gyu compete for the top scorer.

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