The two teams that were in the Eastern Finals last season met again.

First, Boston, which brought Miami to its home TD Garden, defeated Philadelphia after a bloody battle from the second round to the seventh game and advanced to the Eastern Finals. Tatum, who exploded 51 points in Game 7 and saved the team at the decisive moment, recorded 29.0 points (FG 45.3%), 11.1 rebounds and 5.0 assists in an average of 39.6 minutes in the second round. Tatum is also Tatum, but Boston’s greatest strength is the abundant depth and energy level of young players. Jaylen Brown (26, 198cm) is firmly behind Tatum, and the best role players such as Marcus Smart, Malcolm Brogdon, Derek White, and Al Horford are lined up. In this respect, it has a far superiority over Miami, which is highly dependent on Butler.메이저놀이터

Miami, which has been writing miracles once again, starting with the play-in tournament, is showing dissatisfaction with its perfection as a team through this PO. As of the 18th (Korean time) in Miami, Butler recorded an average of 39.1 minutes, 31.1 points (FG 52.7%), 6.6 rebounds and 5.4 assists in 10 games, virtually leading the team alone. Butler, the ‘playoff man’, made a huge impact every game and led Miami to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The problem is that Butler isn’t the only one who tends to stand out too much. Moreover, Butler is currently playing with an ankle injury. The aftermath of his injury was also evident in the game. Butler’s performance has been down since he suffered an ankle injury, including a 35.3 percent field goal percentage in games 5 and 6 against New York. In addition to Butler, most of Miami’s key players are suffering from residual injuries. In this series, the number of injured players has emerged as a key variable that will decide the game.

Following last season, Miami and Boston will compete again for the top spot in the East. Last season, Boston rose to the Eastern throne after a bloody battle in Game 7, and the two teams are in a tight middle with a record of 10 wins and 10 losses in the last 10 games. Butler said, “We’re going to Boston. It will be different this time,” while showing multiple blades, in the first game between the two teams, I wonder which team will be able to enjoy the joy of victory. [Injury update as of 8:30 am, May 18, Korea time]

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