Park Se-jik mentioned that he was less concerned about Yoo Kang-hyun’s departure.

Chungnam Asan held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at 1:50 pm on the 26th at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. After the press conference with manager Park Dong-hyuk, when the players were interviewed, Park Se-jik also attended and talked about many things.

Park Se-jik rose to the ranks of semi-midfielders in the K-League, showing good performances at Jeonbuk Hyundai and Incheon United. Afterwards, he served in the military at Asan Mugunghwa. It remained when Asan Mugunghwa was dismantled and Chungnam Asan was established, and is active to this day. Including the time in Asan, it is the 7th season. It is the 4th season even if it is limited since it was changed to Chungnam-Asan. 먹튀검증

Park Se-jik has great influence. He holds the center of the midfield, leads the build-up, and serves as the backbone of coach Park Dong-hyuk’s football. He is seasoned like a veteran, and his kicking ability is the highest in the K-League 2. He’s old but still physically great. He has taken good care of his body and has fewer injuries. He added an empirical aspect to Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, where there are many players with little professional experience.

Park Se-jik, who chose to accompany Chungnam-Asan this year as well, is sweating in the field training in Jeju Island. Park Se-jik, who is in his mid-30s but is in excellent physical condition, expressed his aspirations to lead the promotion of Chungnam-Asan by helping coach Park Dong-hyuk this year as well.

How are you preparing for the season?

– I was in really good shape last year. In order to maintain the flow, I worked hard on weight management and strengthened my basic physical strength from the off-season. I joined the battery training while doing a lot of management, so my condition is really good. I am doing well in team training.

I chose to accompany Chungnam Asan for the 4th season.

– Director Park Dong-hyuk was there, so the decision was easy. I’ve had a relationship with director Park Dong-hyuk since Asan Mugunghwa, and he really brought out my characteristics well. The manager stayed, so I trusted him and re-signed. The goal is to help the director. There were no big worries.

What are the strengths of director Park Dong-hyuk?

– The director avoids a coercive atmosphere. He is the one who takes the lead first and tries to save the players as much as possible and creates a comfortable atmosphere so that he can play his football to the fullest.

Chungnam-Asan has developed a lot compared to when it was founded. are you feeling

– I remember being the last to do it. Although it was a short period of time, the ranking rose a lot. It may be difficult to rise in the rankings every year, but I think the team can continue to improve. Of course, rankings are important this year as well. I think it is important to take care of the contents of the game together, make the history of the club, and build a foothold to increase the value. We will do our best to become a team that creates a better culture.

The squad has changed a lot. what’s the atmosphere like?

– External concerns are bigger than the players. I feel that the players have grown rapidly and come together well in winter training. The absorption of players is also fast. It feels like the football I want to play is quickly settled. No worries. Expectations are higher.

Top scorer Yoo Kang-hyun The vacancy seems to be very large.

– It’s too bad. If (Yoo) Kanghyun had stayed, I think the breathing would have been better than last year. It’s really sad, but I think it’s fortunate that the new players are good. Lee Chang-hoon, Park Dae-hoon, and Jung Sung-ho joined as strikers, and they are all great. In particular, Jung Sung-ho was young and injured when he first came, but after recovering, he is showing a really great figure.

– Of course, everyone has a different play style from Yoo Kang-hyun. If there is something in common, the movement and mindset to create a shooting are no less than Yoo Kang-hyun. Compared to Yoo Kang-hyun, he is not lacking. We try to do well together.

I am not young, but I played a lot last season.

– During last year’s field training, coach Park Dong-hyuk put pressure on you about your weight. He told me to lose up to 75 kg, and I lost about 4 kg more than usual. So he got better. There are so many good supplements out there these days. So I managed my weight well and was in the best condition of my career. I can’t remember a long run without injury. I am still maintaining my weight well.

What is your relationship with your juniors?

I am 35 years old this year. But everyone doesn’t see me as 35 years old. Communication goes well. I know director Park Dong-hyuk’s style well, so I tend to speak well to newcomers. As a senior, he also gives advice. I try to have a comfortable conversation. He conveys the director’s will well in his spare time.

Have you set goals for this year?

– I want to finish the season without injury. Incidentally, it is to accumulate attack points well. I want to do as much as possible. Last year was so lacking. (He will mainly help, but who would you like to score more goals?) Song Seung-min. Chungnam-Asan wins only when Song Seung-min scores a goal. If you put in a pass, I hope there will be many games where Song Seung-min scores and wins.

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