Pohang Steelers have signed Brazilian defensive midfielder Oberdan Alionco de Lima.

Oberdan is a defensive midfielder who played for Figueirense FC in Serie C, Brazil. It is evaluated that tough defense and sacrificial play based on his vigorous activity are his strengths. Before joining Pohang, when Oberdan was not seen at the training ground, complaints from fans flooded in, so Figueirense asked for understanding from Pohang and announced the news of Oberdan’s transfer on the club’s website first, so his position in the previous team was solid. .

Oberdan’s debut photo was taken at Homigot Sunrise Square, the eastern end of the Korean Peninsula, a geographical symbol of Pohang. 메이저사이트

Oberdan joins the winter training that started at the Songra Clubhouse from the 3rd and matches the existing Pohang players.

* Oberdan Alionco de Lima Profile

• Defensive midfielder, 1995.7.30, 175cm 69kg, Brazil

• ~ Figueirense FC (2021-2022)

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