It seems that Manchester United is making every effort to catch Kim Min-jae.

Alfredo Fedula, who is working as a reporter for the Italian media ‘Sport Italia’, revealed the conditions and plans presented by Manchester United for the recruitment of Kim Min-jae through his SNS on the 4th (Korean time).

Fedula said, “Man Utd and Kim Min-jae have already met twice and showed strong interest.스포츠토토

“The annual salary will be 6 million to 7 million euros (approximately 8.4 to 9.8 billion won), and there will be additional options. A new meeting has already been scheduled. Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause is 60 million euros (approximately 84.1 billion won), which is It will be active from 1 to 15 July,” he said, adding that there will be additional meetings to advance negotiations along with the terms of the contract proposed by United.

As Fedula mentioned, if Kim Min-jae receives an annual salary of more than 6 million euros, Kim Min-jae will receive three times the 2 million euros (about 2.8 billion won) he is currently receiving from Naples. If options are added, the possibility of exceeding 10 billion won is sufficient.

Kim Min-jae joined Napoli last summer and captured the hearts of Napoli fans with a tremendous presence despite his debut season in the big leagues. Until last season, Kim Min-jae, who played an active part in the Turkiye League Fenerbahce, was worried and worried that he was from a periphery league, but Kim Min-jae erased the concerns with his skills.

He received the Serie A Player of the Month award two months after his Napoli debut, and was recognized as the league’s best defender this season, winning the best defender award at the end of the season.

Fans, fascinated by his solid defense, chanted Kim Min-jae’s name every game, and as his skills were maintained steadily until the end of the season, big clubs across Europe began to show interest in Kim Min-jae.

Among them, Manchester United took the most active steps before signing Kim Min-jae and wanted to quickly confirm his recruitment, but it seems that they are working on it by proposing a huge salary increase and additional meetings for this purpose.

Napoli also recently admitted that they could not match Manchester United’s proposal, and accepted the breakup with Kim Min-jae, so the transfer operation is expected to go more smoothly.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that Kim Min-jae will not make a decision regarding the contract right away despite Manchester United’s active courtship and additional meetings.

This is because there were reports that he would return to Korea after the Sampdorian War on the 4th and return to his busy schedule to attend basic military training, and that he would not make a decision until the buyout was invoked.

It is expected that many football fans will pay attention to whether Man Utd, which has sold out to Kim Min-jae with an unprecedented salary increase and additional meetings, will see the fruits of their efforts by embracing him this summer.

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