Earlier this month, attended the Sony Open International Conference in HawaiiThe Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Match Committee announced on the 31st that it would visit Waialei Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the PGA Tour Sony Open was held for 7 days from the 9th to strengthen mutual exchanges with the PGA Tour Match Committee. . 안전놀이터

After attending the international conference held here, KPGA Competition Chairperson Kwon Cheong-won, three competition committee members, and Lee Woo-jin, director of operations, discussed with the PGA Tour Competition Committee practice rounds and tournament operation, course inspection and setting, and golf rule judgment.

“I was surprised by the state-of-the-art equipment and systematic system that the PGA Tour has. I also felt that meticulous course management and sufficient course creation time were needed to hold the best tournament,” said Kwon, the chairman of the competition committee. I wish there were more,” he said.

Director Lee said, “We plan to actually introduce it from this season after figuring out what can be applied to Korea before the season begins.” This is important,” he stressed.

KPGA said that the event was able to be successfully completed with the full support of Choi Gyeong-ju (53, SK Telecom), who was on site with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

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