It’s like the incarnation of self-management. Cristiano Ronaldo posted a photo of himself training his leg muscles on social media.

Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr this year. Following the controversial termination of his contract at Manchester United, he ventured to Asia in search of a new team. He was with a salary of 200 million euros (about 273 billion won), the highest among world football players. 카지노

In his last match he recorded a ‘port trick’. Ronaldo scored his debut goal with a penalty kick (PK) in the match against Al Fateh, and scored four goals alone in the match against Al Wahda, leading the team to a 4-0 victory.

His unique sense of goal shined. There was no fancy dribbling, but he shook the opponent’s net with accurate penetration. All three goals, excluding the PK, were scored by Ronaldo’s instinct to rush into a position where he could receive a pass from his teammate. His connection with his teammates and his ability to follow the ball all the way proved what made him once one of the best players in the world.

He also showed his unique fighting spirit. Ronaldo passed a pass to a teammate rushing into the penalty box at the end of the second half, but it went rather long and failed to accumulate an assist. Then Ronaldo wrapped his face in his arms and fell on his face, punching the grass with his fist. The desire to compete was also the driving force behind Ronaldo’s rise to the top.

Another driving force was his self-care. Ronaldo has constantly improved through extreme diet management and diligent training. Even at the age of 37 last season, he was able to save his scoring ability because Ronaldo continued to whip himself.

This time, one side of his self-management was also revealed. Ronaldo posted a picture of his leg training on his social media. He trains the most important body parts for soccer players by exercising his legs with cable equipment at the club gym, while showing off his leg muscles that are about to burst during heading practice at the stadium.

By posting a series of photos, he indirectly revealed what his career was built on by saying, “Let all exercises be cumulative.”

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