Japan’s rookie Kawamura won the Rookie Award, MIP, MVP, and Best 5 at the same time.먹튀검증

Yuki Kawamura (22, 172cm) of Yokohama B-Corsairs was selected as the regular league MVP at the Japan B.League Awards 2022-2023 held on the 2nd. Among the votes of each team’s manager, players, and reporters, he scored 496 points, easily beating Perrin Buford (327 points) and Togashi Yuki (259 points).

Kawamura, born in 2001, is a rising star in Japan along with Keisei Tominaga (University of Nebraska), born in 2003, who is playing in the NCAA. Although he is short at 172cm tall, his strengths include breaking through with speed and accurate shooting. He has explosive scoring power that can get out of hand once he explodes. He is also good at playing to save his teammates because of his wide field of vision.

This season, Kawamura played an average of 28 minutes and 15 seconds in 52 regular league games with 19.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 8.5 assists. His points average ranks first for a player in the country and his assists rank first in the league. Yokohama, with Kawamura at the forefront, ranked second in the Chubu region with 33 wins and 27 losses. Although, Kawamura’s presence was unrivaled even though he was defeated by the Ryukyu Golden Kings in the semi-finals.

Kawamura, who has consistently been on the national team for each age group during his school days, is currently playing for the Japanese national team. As Korea and Japan’s evaluation match is scheduled for July 22nd and 23rd at Jamsil Student Gymnasium, it is expected that they will show up to domestic fans as well. He looks set to lead the line with Togashi, one of the B. League stars.

On the other hand, Kawamura won 5 crowns, monopolizing the Rookie of the Year, MIP, Best 5, and Assist Awards. Along with Kawamura, Togashi, Shuta Hara, Christopher Smith (above Chiba), and Buford (Shimane) were selected for this season’s B.League Best 5.

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