Reporter Kim Dong-ho = Semi-automatic offside reading technology will be introduced in Italy’s Serie A.

The Italian Serie A secretariat announced on the 13th (Korean time) that the semi-automatic offside technique will be activated from the Super Cup between Inter Milan and AC Milan, which will be held next Wednesday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 온라인바카라

The semi-automatic offside system allows the VAR referee to quickly determine an offside situation. At the World Cup in Qatar, people around the world witnessed the semi-automatic offside technique that separates offsides with a single piece of paper.

As a result, expectations were raised that the flow of the game would not be interrupted and that consistency would be maintained. The semi-automatic offside system works based on a specially designed match ball and a special camera that can track 29 different body points per player.

Serie A is “tracked in millimeters at 29 points on the body of every player, from the tip of the nose to the structure of the body mass. In an offside situation, it can facilitate quick decisions. We have invested more than 1 million euros in the introduction of this technology.”

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