The competition for the Dodram V-League ranking in the 2022-23 season has become more intense. In the case of the women’s division, the mid-level competition is a close match, but the men’s division is also becoming a similar trend.

While Woori Card in 3rd place and OK Financial Group in 4th place have stagnated, KEPCO in 5th place and KB Insurance in 6th place are changing the mood with their winning streak. As both teams suffered 9 and 8 consecutive losses, respectively, in the previous rounds, it seemed that they were pushed out of the ranking competition early on. However, from the second half of the 4th round, they are gaining strength and narrowing the gap with the top ranked teams little by little.

In particular, KEPCO achieved the best results in an away game against No. 1 Korean Air held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 2nd. I lost the first set, but I won by winning sets 2-4.

I got 1 win and 3 points. Although the ranking remains at 5th place, it becomes 11-14 (35 points), putting OK Financial Group (12-13 losses, 37 points) in pursuit.

Thais (Netherlands), who played the role of the main gun, and Lim Seong-jin, who worked hard from the second set, were cited as the main players in the come-from-behind victory in the Korean Air match, but Seo Jae-deok also put his strength into it. On this day, he played an active role, recording 54.1% of the attack success rate with 15 points, the second highest in the team after Tais.

In addition to his aggressive side, Seo Jae-deok’s value is recognized for his serve-receive. Korea Electric Power Manager Kwon Young-min also picked Seo Jae-deok as the ‘key player’ in a meeting with reporters who visited the site ahead of the Korean Air War.

Teams playing against Korean Air as well as KEPCO have clear sub-targets. Seo Jae-deok and Lim Seong-jin. Seo Jae-deok has a wider receive participation range to help Lim Seong-jin, who is more anxious about receiving. 안전놀이터

Coach Kwon also said, “If the two players, especially (Seo) Jae-deok, are shaken in receiving, we have no choice but to solve the game with difficulty.” Seo Jae-deok participated in receiving 15 times in the Korean Air War and succeeded in connecting three times.

Im Seong-jin also received 28 times that day and succeeded 7 times, showing a receiving efficiency of more than 17%. However, Seo Jae-deok does not appear in the same outside heater position as Lim Seong-jin.

Seo Jae-duk comes out as an apologist because Tais takes a spot as an outside heater. Usually, apositives rarely participate in receiving, but KEPCO is different. He is minimizing receiving participation in order to maximize Tais’ offensive power.

Considering the situation in which Libero Jung Ji-won is feeling the burden in receiving, the apogee Seo Jae-deok participates in receiving more often. Seo Jae-deok also acknowledged the difficult part. He said, “I understand the situation of receiving a receive while coming out as an aposite,” but “It’s okay when I’m in the front line, but it’s a bit difficult when I do a back attack (back attack) after receiving from the rear.”

Coach Kwon and other coaching staff are well aware of this situation. It is also a situation where Seo Jae-deok needs to manage his physical strength. However, as this system has recently been effective, Seo Jae-deok’s mission will not change for the time being. Director Kwon also explained, “It’s unfortunate that Park Cheol-woo’s range of appointments has narrowed, but the situation in which Jae-deok participates in receiving as an apogee is more effective.”

KEPCO will challenge Hyundai Capital for a 4-game winning streak on the 5th at the Suwon Gymnasium. If OK Financial Group loses to KB Insurance on the way to Uijeongbu on the previous 4th and KEPCO wins against Hyundai Capital, the rankings of 4th and 5th will change.

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