“I will make a season worthy of the nickname ‘the winning brother’.”

Lee Gi-hyung, the new coach of Seongnam FC, clearly expressed his determination to be promoted to the 1st Division at the winter training camp held at Namhae Sports Parktel in Gyeongnam on the 2nd.

Seongnam tasted the ordeal of direct relegation last season in a lethargic atmosphere. In the second training session in Namhae following the first training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, coach Lee is ordering ‘high-intensity training’ for the players. Even the oldest goalkeeper in the K-League, Kim Yeong-kwang (41), shakes his head, saying, “We train the most severely.” “Extreme training in hell” continues. Kim Young-kwang said, “When I go to the playground, I’m like, ‘Wow!’ It’s so hard that it sounds like it sounds, but this difficult time will eventually become yours. The difficult time right now will be a time when my juniors and I will be happy. The only goal is to return to K-League 1 and heal the wounds of disappointed fans.” said. Coach Lee also clearly stated the team’s goal: “We want a direct promotion for the fans.”

Existing veteran players leave, and young players remain. Coach Lee attracted hungry players from each team who had skills and mentality but did not receive enough opportunities. He promised to give everyone a chance, and entered into an infinite competition. Both new players and veteran players are pouring out their all and are earnestly preparing for the season.

Director Lee’s nickname is, as is widely known, ‘the winning brother’. A nickname given to him when he led Incheon United to victory and escape from relegation with his excellent leadership. Director Lee laughed, saying, “I was confused at first, but after hearing the meaning, it seems good and I like it.” “Befitting the nickname ‘winner’, there is also a burden to show such a competitive image this year. However, I am doing better than ever and I have a good concentration, so I expect that I will produce results worthy of my nickname this season,” he said confidently. marked Below is the full text of Q&A with Lee Ki-hyung, coach of Seongnam FC.

-Commitment to the season

▶ Many new players joined Seongnam. We are building a team with the determination to overcome difficult times and start anew as a new team. After the first training session, I saw many possibilities. I think we will achieve our goals this season well.

-What possibilities did you see after the 1st training?

▶We had a lot of new players getting together and getting to know each other and learning tactics, but it was made faster than expected through communication such as tactical training, intensive training and video meetings. In practice games against Jeju, Suwon FC, and university teams, the results were good, but the tactical understanding was high in the offensive and defensive tactical parts, and there were results. satisfied with that part.

-What is your goal?

▶I want a direct promotion. There are variables in the league, so at least go to the playoffs and the final goal is promotion.

-It’s a relegated team, but how is the winter training atmosphere?

▶Last year, there were many experienced players, but as these players left the team in the new season, young players remained. Afterwards, we recruited players who did not get a chance, and while bringing in those players, we will communicate and give them a chance, so a consensus was formed that let’s do it together. The atmosphere is that every player is given a chance. The team is preparing for the season more desperately and earnestly than any other team.

-The K-League 2 game has become more intense. What do I need for direct promotion?

▶ The K-League 1-2 gap is narrowing. The level of K2 has also increased. Once you play in K2, there is no easy game. I saw a lot of matches last year, but K2 is more intense and there are many teams that prepare physically. You have to concentrate and play every game. I think Gimcheon and Anyang will go ahead. When playing against such a team, it is important to prepare more and bring points.

-Direct promotion is never easy.

▶ This year’s team was formed by giving many opportunities to young players and players who did not have a chance, and looking to the future while raising them. I have a lot of talented young friends. As the season progresses, fans expect familiar players to show a groundbreaking image while receiving many opportunities. I don’t think direct promotion will be easy. It is also emphasized by the players. The players are also aware. Although we are aiming for direct promotion, we intend to make the team develop solidly by showing potential and giving opportunities to young players.

– You recruited Shin Jae-won.

▶ Excellent physical ability, speed, shooting ability, finishing ability when the ball comes. Wouldn’t it be possible to show more good sides of ourselves if we refine them in terms of aggressiveness and earnestness? First of all, think of him as a side striker. If you take a change from the offensive position and digest two or three positions, you will use it according to the situation.

-Is there any political burden related to Seongnam City Hall?

▶When I first came, I didn’t communicate with the players about that part. It’s not something we can do. We said that we only do our best in the roles we have to play. We are also responsible. If I had done better, things would have been better. Because I couldn’t show a good figure on the playground and gave the fans the pain of relegation… Although we met anew in the new season, we are emphasizing that we are lacking, desperate and not giving up until the end. Regardless of win or loss, we have to show our fans, ‘Seongnam players are really eager to play soccer’. Emphasize mental armament during intense training. Working hard.

– ‘Lee Ki-hyung’ is called Lee Ki-hyung, and I think you’ll like that nickname.

▶At first, I was taken aback when I heard that nickname. I like it because I hear the meaning and it seems to have a good meaning, but there is also a burden to show such a competitive image this year as well, befitting the nickname ‘winning hyung’. It is a process of making it with the players. Since he is making better than ever and has good concentration, he expects that he will produce results worthy of his nickname this season.

– There is also a part of you that seems to be in charge of a difficult team in difficult times.

▶On the other hand, he is savage and always takes on difficult teams to make a team. I also think that only the hard way is going. But football is not easy just because there are good players. The sense of accomplishment you feel from having a good player is different from the sense of accomplishment you get from a difficult situation. As a leader, it is important to operate in accordance with the team situation in any situation. I will look only at the strengths of our team and build a team.

– You mentioned infinite competition without a separate best eleven.

▶There is no one player who is decided as the best. We will compete until the day before the game. If anyone neglects, lags, or gives up, our team cannot achieve the goal of promotion. As the opening match approaches, an outline will emerge, but even if you want to say ‘no’, never give up and make a team so that you can work hard together. Players empathize, understand, and follow. Best is not fixed. We will run it competitively until the end.

– It’s been a while since you returned to the field. How is it?

▶ How should I prepare for a bad team if I take on a good team with a 2-year gap? I had something organized and stored on my computer. When I was tired, a team came out to go. When I came out to the set, I could see the lack of earnestness or aggressiveness before that. Coming back, I feel how precious this position is and that I have to do better, that I have to take responsibility for something.

– Seongnam Ilhwa You played as a player in your heyday, but you were in charge of the relegation team Seongnam. As a senior, do you tell the players about the pride and culture of Seongnam?

▶ It is difficult to compare. The biggest difference between then and now was that the salaries were higher than those of the current players, whereas back then infrastructure and clubhouses were weak. The infrastructure is now in place. The players are jokingly told that there is a clubhouse and playground on the most expensive land in the country. I am motivated to work out in a good environment with pride, so I should go to Part 1. The players know very well what kind of team Seongnam was and what kind of spirit it was.

– Last season, Seongnam, what part did you see as a problem and you were relegated?

▶ In terms of performance, there was a part where we couldn’t unite. It was not the tactical part, but the part where we say it’s okay when we make a mistake and lead each other, that part was regrettable.

-I think you might want to compete with your son (Lee Ho-jae, Pohang Steelers) by being promoted to the first division. 바카라

▶ My son and I promised not to talk about that. We ask for your understanding.

– Who is Seongnam’s key player this year?

▶Tell the players that everyone should be a key player. While preparing for this season, I always emphasize that with the idea that no one is unique and no one is absolutely lacking. I will be emphasizing that throughout this season. We will create a team where no one is a unique player, and instead of putting ourselves up for a position, we will humble ourselves, sacrifice ourselves, and take care of our next players first.

-Then, what is the color of football that Seongnam aims for as the original team?

▶ There was an opinion that Seongnam played a lot of lethargic defensive football. When he interacted with the fans, he talked about playing challenging, fast and aggressive football. From the start of his first training session, he has been building a team with that direction. Even at the start of the season, it would be a contradiction if I didn’t dwell on winning or losing, but I’ll handle it as much as I can and make aggressive, speedy, and challenging soccer for the fans when they come to the playground, soccer that makes them feel, “The players are eager and working really hard.”

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