LG, the runner-up in domestic professional basketball, has maintained its second place, overcoming SK’s last-minute pursuit. In men’s short track speed skating, Park Ji-won added another gold medal at the World Cup.

This is reporter Park So-young.

A showdown between 2nd place LG and 3rd place SK in the regular season. LG Jeong Hee-jae’s 3-point shot cut the rim cleanly.

Lee Kwan-hee pours cold water on the opponent’s pursuit with elaborate shots at every critical moment.

Marey controlled the bottom of the net and energized the team’s attack.

SK chased after Kim Seon-hyung’s 3-point shot in the 4th quarter and a fantastic under-the-goal shot, but it was not enough to turn the game around. 메이저사이트

LG succeeded in winning three games in a row and laid the foundation for the lead pursuit, while SK fell to fourth place.

KEPCO, which was heavily defeated by giving away sets 1 and 2, prepares a foothold for a band electrode with Thais’ explosive attack power.

Seo Jae-deok adds strength with his sharp serve and spikes.

Woori Card fell into a 5-game losing streak by allowing a come-from-behind loss at the decisive moment.

After a thrilling come-from-behind victory, KEPCO jumped to 4th place and continued their hopes of advancing to the playoffs.

With 5 laps to go, Park Ji-won takes the lead again.

Park Ji-won, who seized the victory, crosses the finish line first with ease while widening the gap with the other players.

Short track star Park Ji-won won another gold medal in the 1500m in his 6th World Cup.

Park Ji-won won the World Cup 1500m 5 times out of 6 times and became an ‘absolute powerhouse’.

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