It was early morning on the 1st. From 6:00 a.m., Incheon 메이저사이트Airport is crowded. After a while. Shabby airport fashion appears. A skinny hoodie, an unshaven appearance. It is clear that he is tired from the long flight. As he exits the arrivals hall, a crowd gathers. Dozens of camera flashes go off, and microphones are placed in front of a pile. It’s a bewildered expression. A few sentences of clumsy Korean. “hello.” “thank you.” “I am Tommy.”

Surprised by the unexpected interest. “I expected there to be a few reporters, but I didn’t expect there to be this many. I was surprised. That’s how much he learned that he has a lot of interest in the Korean national team.”

Every single one of them was a hot topic. Especially the menu for his first meal was like that. A scene of enjoying sundaeguk with Na Seong-beom and Koo Chang-mo was posted on social media. “Ever since I was little, I ate a lot of Korean food at my grandmother’s house. He really likes galbi, japchae, and cucumber seasoning.”

Director Lee Kang-chul also welcomed his joining. “He is very active. He makes an effort to communicate in Korean with his colleagues. Thank you for training hard. Seeing him eagerly ask (Kim) Ha-seong about the details of the training, I thought he did a good job bringing him.”

And two weeks passed. It’s the last 13 days. The final schedule of the national team is over. It is the mixed zone of Tokyo Dome after the match against China. He left a few calm words filled with regret and regret.

“Was a good experience. It’s nice to get to know a lot of players. I learned how Koreans accept baseball. It’s a pity that I didn’t play as well as I expected. (Players) Everyone had a hard time. I don’t know what the situation or my career will be like in three years, but I hope to have a good opportunity again.”

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