The LG Twins have been steadily investing heavily in the 2nd team and finding new power. On the pitcher side, a large number of young players have established themselves in the first team, and they are continuing to grow as key resources. The same goes for the beast side. Hong Chang-ki and Moon Bo-kyung have risen to become clear starters in the first team.

However, there are still some things that have not been achieved. It’s a gigantic upbringing. There were a lot of great prospects, but there are not a few cases where they burst into their potential after leaving the team without realizing their dreams. That is why the growth of Lee Jae-won (24) and Song Chan-eui (24), who are currently receiving a lot of attention as geopo prospects, is more important. A lot of attention is focused on whether they will be able to solve the team’s old tasks.

Song Chan-eui and Lee Jae-won are currently sweating and spinning bats at the team’s spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. These are the resources that the LG coaching staff is focusing on in this year’s camp. In particular, Lee Jae-won was designated as the ‘player I want to spend the season with’ right after coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop took the LG baton. 메이저사이트
Manager Yeom announced his plan to give Lee Jae-won and Song Chan-eui as many opportunities as possible to show off their long hitting power in the 2023 season. Accordingly, Lee Jae-won is trying to transform from an outfielder to a first baseman. Song Chan-eui went back and forth between the infield and outfield until last year, but now he is competing for the starting position as a second baseman.

Their giant gun instinct has already been recognized. Lee Jae-won has outstanding power, such as showing off excellence in batting speed and distance. The downside is accuracy. He couldn’t maximize his power because his percentage of balls in play dropped. Because of this, he also shrank from the plate. Nonetheless, he reported his first double-digit home runs (13) in his professional debut last season.

Song Chan-eui is a player who heated up the demonstration game last year. He caught his attention by becoming the home run king of the demonstration game. Thanks to that, he was included in the opening roster, but his lack of experience and psychological burden overlapped, so he could not last long in the first team. Ultimately, he finished the season with 3 home runs and a batting average of 0.236 in 33 first-team games.

In the new season, they are most likely to be placed in the bottom line. This is from coach Yeom’s idea to help grow while reducing the burden as much as possible at the plate. If they explode, LG batters can play both ‘small balls’ and ‘big balls’. I wonder if Lee Jae-won and Song Chan-ui will be able to realize their potential in the new season.

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