Acting Tottenham manager Lyman Mason asked Son Heung-min, a ‘best friend’, for a favor.

Taking responsibility for the 1-6 defeat against Newcastle, acting manager Christian Stellini was sacked, and acting manager Mason took over the helm. And his first match was against rivals Manchester United. Tottenham was heavily defeated, but did not give up, and finished with a 0-2 to 2-2 draw. The hero who saved the team was Son Heung-min, the equalizer.

Acting manager Mason메이저놀이터 now has five games left. The 34th round of the English Premier League (EPL), which will be held on May 1st, is his second game away from Liverpool.

Ahead of this game, he conveyed his sincere wishes to Son Heung-min. He pointed to Son Heung-min as the key to Tottenham’s revival in the remaining five games.

Acting coach Mason said, “Sonny is a strong player. We appreciate him and value him as a player. Above all, he is the most important player in the team, a player who plays for the team.”

He continued, “Of course, Sonny hasn’t scored many goals this season. If he had been a bit more lucky, he would have scored 20 to 25 goals at this stage. But he has always been in position and has been scoring. It makes me happy,” he added.

At the same time, acting coach Mason asked Son Heung-min to do this.

“Sonny’s fate is going to change now, so it’s important. At some point, Sonny will score, he’ll get his rhythm back, and he’ll start scoring again. Hopefully, Sonny will be key for Tottenham in the remaining five games. May this be…”

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