Reporter Kim Hyeong-joong = What drew attention at last year’s World Cup in Qatar was the participation of female referees. Three referees and three assistant referees were female referees, which was the first time in FIFA World Cup history in 1992.

One of them was American assistant referee Catherine Nesbitt. Born in 1988, the 35-year-old assistant referee at the Qatar World Cup quarter-final match between England and Senegal, becoming the first woman ever to referee in a World Cup round-of-16 tournament. The first female referee in the World Cup finals was Stephanie Frappart, who was the referee for the Group E qualifier match between Germany and Costa Rica. 카지노사이트

Nesbit will also referee at the FIFA Club World Cup, which opened in Morocco on the 1st. In July, she was also invited to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Having also played an active part in the 2019 Women’s World Cup, he will appear in most major competitions organized by FIFA as a referee.

Ness Witt shared her thoughts in her recent interview with FIFA. “She started refereeing at the age of 14. It was a hobby then,” he said. “She works as a referee and majored in chemistry at the same time. Both were fun. But now, her passion for refereeing is the highest.” .

She also remembered the moment she dreamed of standing on the stage of the World Cup in Qatar. “It was a dream come true. The experience was fantastic,” she said. She also said, “I’m really looking forward to this year’s Women’s World Cup. I also went to the 2019 tournament and it was the best experience.

As an icon of challenge, he encouraged his juniors. He encouraged me by saying, “The door is open, and I think everyone has a chance. Gender or condition doesn’t matter. If you do your best, you can participate in football at any level and achieve results.”

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