The citizen hero who saved a man who fell down turned out to be Kim Ji-yong, who is active as KT Wiz’s Futures team trainer.

On the 23rd, the KT Wiz Futures team played a practice match against the Doosan Bears Futures team at Bears Park in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

A dizzying situation occurred near KT Wiz’s Suwon accommodation after the game.

According to a KT team official,카지노 trainer Kim Ji-yong returned to Suwon’s accommodation after the game and was packing up on the bus. At this time, the first two players found a man lying in front of a nearby restaurant. They immediately found trainer Kim Ji-yong.

As soon as trainer Kim heard about the situation, he ran straight to the man who was lying down. He laid the man on his back to secure an airway, and then called 911 for a patient friend who was with him.

At the same time, trainer Kim calmly performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately. Fortunately, the man’s breathing began to return to a steady state. Trainor Kim talked to the man who had fallen and made him aware of the situation and helped him to reassure him. The 119 ambulance then arrived and was able to safely hand over the patient.

Trainer Kim humbly said, “I was really surprised to face such a situation. Even in the midst of my surprise, I just thought that I had to perform CPR. Rather, I was embarrassed when I saw that it was reported in the media. Anyone else would have tried to save his life,” he said humbly. .

The KT Wiz team gathers trainers and conducts CPR training every June during the season. Trainer Kim said, “The training was really helpful. I am also grateful to the club for generously supporting me to receive training.”

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