Al-Nasr, a professional football team in Saudi Arabia, is watching the ‘Ronaldo recruiting effect’ on Instagram first. 

On the 4th, transfermarkt, a site specializing in soccer transfers, reported on the official account that Al-Nasr’s Instagram followers had exploded.  토토사이트

According to the media, Al Nasr has 8.9 million followers on Instagram, surpassing the number of followers of prestigious Serie A club Inter Milan, which is followed by 8.8 million. As of the morning of the 5th, Al Nasr’s followers exceeded 9.41 million. Before Ronaldo joined, the club had 860,000 followers on Instagram, less than 1 million. 

Al Nasr announced the signing of Ronaldo at the end of last month, and Ronaldo held an official joining ceremony for the club on the 4th. Al Nasr is known to pay Ronaldo a super-high annual salary of 270 billion won. Al-Nasr and Ronaldo signed a two-and-a-half-year contract. 

When Ronaldo joined the Saudi Arabia club, he played in Asia for the first time in his career. Even before Ronaldo’s official joining ceremony, the Al-Nasr uniform with Ronaldo’s number 7 on it is already selling like hot cakes to local fans who venture into the ‘open run’. 

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