“I’ve used a larger base than before, and personally, it has the effect of widening the range of defense and reduces the risk of colliding with opponents, so I am very satisfied. “

Pittsburgh first baseman Choi Ji-man (32) finished training at the Pittsburgh spring camp in Bradenton, Florida, USA on the 22nd (Korean time) and met with Star News, expressing his satisfaction with the new base introduced this season.

Starting from the 2023 season, the major leagues implement new rules to reduce playing time along with the safety of players, and one of them is to increase the size of the base.

The size of first base, second base, and third base bases in the major leagues increased by nearly 8 cm from the previous 15 inches (approximately 38.1 cm) square to 18 inches (approximately 45.72 cm). Therefore, as Choi Ji-man mentioned earlier, the risk of collision between defenders and runners is expected to decrease. According to the Major League Secretariat, in the minor leagues, which experimented with a larger base last year, the injury rate of players decreased by 13%. 메이저사이트

Choi Ji-man said, “The larger base size not only reduces the risk of colliding with a runner running to first base after hitting, but also allows the first baseman to spread his legs less to catch the ball hit by an infielder if he throws it to first base incorrectly after catching it. I think it’s good because the range of defense that can deal with bad throws has widened.”

He continued, “The new base is not only bigger, but safer.” “The previous base was slightly raised like a grave in the middle, but the new base is flat like a flat surface, so when a runner steps on the base incorrectly, it prevents the ankle from bending or slipping.” I don’t think there will be anything.” He was satisfied.

The larger base is also expected to be advantageous to fast hitters in the major leagues. This is because the distance between the base and the base decreases as the size increases.

According to data announced by the Major League Secretariat, the distance from home to first and third base has decreased by 3 inches (about 7.62 cm) compared to before. In addition, the distance from 1st base to 2nd base and from 2nd to 3rd base was shortened by 4.5 inches (about 11.43cm). Therefore, it is expected that it will help to reduce the time when a fast-footed batter runner attempts to steal a base as well as increase the probability of being safe at first base.

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