Joo Min-gyu (33), the top scorer for two consecutive years in the professional football K-League 1, wore the Ulsan Hyundai uniform for the second time.

 On the 16th, Joo Min-gyu said, “I came to Ulsan with a clear goal. I would appreciate it if you would watch the 2023 season,” he said. “The goal is of course to win. I haven’t won a championship in my career. I think I have to become a good player befitting a winning team. I will prepare diligently with motivation,” he said.

 It is Joo Min-gyu, who has established himself as the league’s representative striker by scoring the top scorer in the 2021 season and the league’s most goals in the 2022 season (17 goals, scorer Cho Kyu-seong and tie). But he has no winning experience. He has yet to win a trophy between K League 2 Goyang hi FC, Seoul E-Land and K League 1 Jeju United. His individual awards, such as the top scorer and the league’s best MVP, have been received several times, but they have nothing to do with his unique team performance. 카지노

 This is the reason Joo Min-gyu came back to Ulsan. is the second companion. The first was the 2019 season. However, at the time, he was pushed out by a monster striker named Junio ​​and failed to establish himself as a starting pitcher. It’s different now. After sharpening his toes in Jeju, he wore the Ulsan uniform again.

 Joo Min-gyu said, “I think it deserves that Cho Kyu-seong, not me, won the top scorer. It’s because I was lacking,” he said. “I think I can build a better career if I learn what I’m lacking with good players in a good team.”

 Like the 2019 season, Ulsan still has a great striker named Martin Adam. Ju Min-gyu said, “A team like Ulsan always has good foreign players. (Of course) you have to compete. It must also coexist. Only then can we become a strong team and win,” he said. So far, rather than competing, I think about how to coexist and achieve harmony now.” He expressed his confidence that he could do his part no matter how strong his competitors were.

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