Treble. It is the highest honor for a football club. A treble means winning the league, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League (UCL) simultaneously in one season.

As for how difficult the treble is to achieve, only 7 teams have succeeded in the treble so far in continental European football.메이저사이트

Celtic (Scotland), Ajax (Netherlands), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Manchester United (England), Barcelona (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy), Bayern Munich (Germany) are some of the great players.

The Netherlands is the only country so far to have achieved the treble with two teams. This season England are waiting for their 2nd treble team in history. That’s Manchester City.

Man City won the English Premier League (EPL) and succeeded in winning three consecutive titles. Then, he advanced to the UCL final, clashed with Inter Milan, and reached the English FA Cup final. Fighting for the championship with local rivals Manchester United.

If Man City rises to the throne in all three competitions, it will achieve the second treble following Manchester United, who achieved the first treble in English football history in 1999.

Man City has such an overwhelming power and flow that many people look at the treble achievement. But there are some who can’t let Manchester City do the treble. It is Manchester United who wrote England’s first treble history. Man United is showing a strong will not to tolerate a treble 2 team under the English sky.

At the center of that Manchester United is the flagship striker Marcus Rashford. He has shown the best growth this season and has established himself as Manchester United’s ‘ace’. He scored 17 goals in the EPL, ranking 6th in scoring, and exploded 30 goals overall. It is a new record for the most goals in a single season in Rashford’s personal career.

This is how he took the lead to prevent Man City’s treble. The FA Cup final against Manchester City will take place at Wembley Stadium on June 3.

Manchester United held a club awards ceremony on the 30th, and Rashford won two crowns, including the Matt Busby Player of the Year award given to the best player of the year and the Player of the Year award chosen by the players. At this meeting, Rashford expressed his determination for the FA Cup final with Man City.

Rashford said: It’s not just a feeling he feels, it’s a mindset that all members of United are feeling, he added.

“Shouldn’t United remain the only club in England to have won the treble?”

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