“”It won’t take much time”

9 consecutive wins in 5383 days since the Samsung Lions match on August 30, 2008, 1st place in April for the first time in 11 years since 2012. The momentum at the beginning of the season is unusual. However, Lotte, which has a good atmosphere, is not without worries. It is the successive sluggishness of the starting pitchers. All the ‘aces’ they believed in are struggling from the beginning of the season. Lotte’s ‘hairy ace’

Strayley 2 losses in 5 games 메이저사이트 with an average ERA of 5.82, and Charlie Barnes, who earned 12 wins last year, also 1 win 1 loss with an ERA of 7.58 in 4 games, and Park Se-woong, the “Ace of Glasses” who performed the most impressively in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, 5 1 loss and ERA of 5.25 is sluggish in the game.

All three of them have enough skills to be called ‘aces’, and they are the players who have to play such a role. However, the start of this season is not very good. A game with no runs scored There has never been a single case, and it is common to be knocked out early due to unstable pitching.. If there is any comfort, it is that Lotte is currently in second place even in a situation where Straley, Barnes, and Park Se-woong have suffered sluggishness.

In an interview with reporters on the 7th, head coach Larry Sutton was asked about the sluggishness of the starting pitchers and the resulting alternatives. The command tower pointed out the positive factors first. He said, “To speak from a positive point of view, despite the struggles of Park Se-woong, Barnes and Strayley, the team performed very well. It’s okay,” he said and opened the door.

Then, the command tower pointed out the reason for their sluggishness. Coach Sutton said, “Straley has always struggled in April, even in the US. He was a slow starter. He is making adjustments through training and is giving signs that he is improving because he is working hard. is encouraging,” he said. It is true that Strayley’s performance in the major leagues was not good compared to other months, with a career record of 4 wins and 5 losses with a 5.06 ERA fro

It was explained that Barnes’ sluggishness was due to changes in his pitching form. Manager Sutton said, “Barnes changed the position of his glove lower in the set position in spring camp. It seemed that the opposing players noticed the position of Barnes’ glove, so he changed the position of the glove. However, because of this, the angle of the arm and the delivery he wanted did not work. “I reverted back to the original form,” he said.

The diagnosis for Park Se-woong was confidence. He said, “Park Se-woong is a player who puts a lot of pressure on himself. He works so hard and trains a lot, and he is dedicated to the team and wants to be of more help when things go well. Because he feels the pressure of ‘I have to do better’, that part is If it leads to confidence, you will be able to rise enough.”

If Barnes is a matter of pitching form and Park Se-woong is a matter of confidence, is it possible for Strayley to recover his pitch? Director Sutton said, “I think it is possible to recover. I have had many conversations with Strayley, and he is in good shape. In terms of mobility, range of motion and range of motion, I don’t think he has reached the state he wanted.” “Spring Camp You can ask if it makes sense that the season has passed for a month and the range of motion has not yet come out, but Strayley is also an old player, born in 1988. Considering that part, he knows his weaknesses and knows his weaknesses. We are working on that part,” he said.

The head coach was confident that they would bounce back as much as they had great careers. He said, “Personally, it won’t take much time for the three pitchers to return to the form they were originally good at.” cut it off and said

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