Yesterday (17th) an article caught my eye. He said that what Korean baseball needs is philosophical conviction and introspection. Reading it carefully made me think a lot. It was also an opportunity for me to look back on myself.

Especially at the end, I was 메이저사이트 deeply impressed by Ichiro’s interview article. Ichiro said, “I don’t play baseball to leave numbers. I have a stone in my heart that I want to polish. I want to make that stone shine through baseball. In order to do that, we cannot neglect the preparation for preparation.”

Suddenly, I remembered an anecdote that a lifelong pottery craftsman told his student. The disciple asked the disciple as he looked around at the Goryeo celadon, which seemed perfectly fine to the disciple, and then mercilessly shattered it. “Master. Why do you break hard-made Goryeo celadon so easily? It doesn’t look like a problem to me.”

Then the master answered. “The perfect existence of this pottery already existed in my head. However, the substance of the pottery I have made is not the perfect pottery I have already made, so I break it.”

It is an anecdote that can easily explain Aristotle’s metaphysical point of view to explore the properties of essence. I think it explains the true value that human beings should pursue.

You can think of it in connection with baseball. When playing baseball, through long training and guidance, players will have the perfect image they have drawn in their heads. So, after the tough season is over, training is essential during spring camp to get closer to the perfect figure that was not created during the season.

However, most teams and players who play baseball spend a lot of time on repetitive training and physical training. Feeling like a superstition that you can have a bold mind even in the most desperate moment, while repeating rather irrational training such as courage training, you miss precious time and opportunities to think for yourself and correct your wrong movements. receive

There is a regular comment to young players as they travel around the country to donate their talents from the field. “Rather than repeating 100 times mindlessly with your body, it is a much more efficient way to train by repeating 10 times, thinking deeply about your weaknesses or why you are making mistakes,” he said. do.

And while defending, he always tells students not to be afraid that the ball will come to him, but to enjoy it and have fun because it is okay to make mistakes. When you can think for yourself and feel joy like this, players’ skills can develop much more than they do now. I am convinced that baseball in life is not a painful and fearful job, but that baseball itself is happiness and can be a means to lead an emotionally rich life.

A great coach is to stick to the basics and develop them to suit the individuality and body of the players so that they can create their own or unique brand. Beyond the primary dimension of simply teaching skills and making baseball games good, coaching that makes players think for themselves and make baseball feel happy in their lives is now necessary.

Coaching that has great personality and can truly sympathize with the players’ struggles. I would like to express that coaching, which enables me to draw beautiful Goryeo celadon in my head and prepare it with sincerity, is essential in our time.

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