Spanish soccer fans’ social media (SNS) accounts are infested with stories about an unusual soccer player called ‘mask winger’ these days. It is also called ‘Masked Winger’ in comparison to the US title The Masked Singer of ‘King of Mask Singer’, which became very popular as the format was exported to Fox TV in the US as a domestic entertainment program. Speculation about the identity of this player is rampant.

On the 12th (Korean time), the Daily Mail, a British mass media, said, ‘Social media are exploding with curiosity about a player named Enigma 스포츠토토 with uniform number 69 who appeared in the 7-man soccer league led by Gerard Pique. This player came out wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask because of contract issues in La Liga.’

Pique is currently leading the ‘King’s League’, a seven-man soccer league. An unusual player appeared here. He completely concealed his identity. He wore a full-face mask used by professional Mexican wrestlers, and had “Enigma” written on his back instead of his real name. He wears number 69. He even wore gloves and a long-sleeved T-shirt that completely covered his arms and hands. It is to prevent his identity from being revealed through tattoos, etc.

Pique said of Enigma, “La Liga is an active player. I will not reveal his identity for the time being.” This player participated in the King’s League by wearing a mask and hiding his identity when the club and his agent objected to playing in the King’s League due to contract issues. Fans love Isco, Denis Suárez, Paul Rirola, Rodrigo Riquelme,

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