Among the amazing achievements of Korean figure skating, the performance of Kim Ye-rim, who is called ‘Figure Skating General’, cannot be left out. I heard the story behind last season that it was like a rollercoaster.

Kim Ye-rim earned the nickname 온라인카지노‘Figure Skating General’ by drawing attention with his courageous exit from the Beijing Olympics last year.

He also presented the ‘Figure Skating General’ ceremony at the recently held team trophy, but after the free skating performance, he became a ‘crybaby’ instead of a ‘general’.

He brushed off the sluggishness that followed in the second half of the season with the best performance of his life at the end, and his tears flowed profusely.

[Kim Ye-rim/National Figure Skating Representative: I think I shed tears after feeling that I did it. Originally, I really don’t like showing tears to other people…]

It was a rollercoaster-like season for Kim Ye-rim.

She achieved the first gold medal in the senior Grand Prix since Yuna Kim and advanced to the finals, but suffered from back pain during the forced march and only finished 18th at the World Championships, the biggest event.

[Kim Ye-rim/National Figure Skating Representative: When I returned to training, I think it was difficult to catch my mind as easily as before. After the World Championships, the period of preparation for the team trophy was also very difficult.

[Kim Ye-rim/National Figure Skating Representative: (while performing at the gala), I thought that this would be a ‘happy ending’.]

Kim Ye-rim, who recently started training again after receiving herniated disc treatment, dreams of a happy ending like this next season as well.

[Kim Ye-rim/National Figure Skating Representative: I will do my best to show you how to finish with a ‘happy end’ until the next season and the season after that.] (Video

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