In various surveys ahead of the opening of this season, the most likely winning team was the LG Twins.

In a survey of 50 field officials from 10 professional baseball teams of Sports Chosun, LG received overwhelming support, and in a survey expected by commentators and fans of each broadcasting company currently in charge of broadcasting professional baseball, they were also ‘candidates for the championship’. 1st place was definitely LG. Baseball experts, including commentators, said, “LG’s pitching balance is so good, and its power is overwhelming.”

However, the team that is running in first place at the beginning of the season is SSG Landers. SSG is recording 8 wins and 2 losses and a win rate of 80% in 10 games played until the 14th.

Actually, the result is not that surprising메이저사이트 SSG is the unified winning team last year. He started this season with the title of ‘defending champion’. However, it is true that LG is evaluated as more stable in terms of power, and the evaluation of SSG, the champion team last year, was relatively low.

However, if you look at the baseball that SSG showed in 10 games, there is a certain potential. In fact, even the current SSG is not a complete force. Annie Romero, who was expected to play the role of the first starter, could not even join the roster after the opening due to an injury at the end of spring camp, and Kim Gwang-hyun is also out with an injury. The most important starting lineup is playing the game in an unfinished state.

However, young pitchers such as Song Young-jin, who came out as an alternate starter against NC on the 14th and won a “surprising debut victory,” and Lee Ro-wun, a “first-round rookie” with a spirited 3-inning pitching in the Samsung game on the 13th, showed the performance of young pitchers and the concentration of the other line to score the necessary points in a close match. is winning with Although SSG faced weak teams in the early stages of the matchup, it is meaningful that they achieved good results against difficult opposing pitchers.

It is not yet certain how long SSG’s initial momentum will continue. Also important is the timing of the return of injured pitchers and the condition of key hitters who have yet to recover. This is because the power of the current top teams leading to LG, NC, Doosan, and KT is also formidable.

However, the driving force behind SSG’s first-ever ‘Wire-to-Wire’ victory last year and the ability to maintain its position until the end without missing the 1st place was the uptrend at the beginning of the season. The opening winning streak played a big role in overcoming all the hurdles and winning the championship. This year, with the experience and confidence of the players who have won the championship, they are evolving into a team that is unlikely to lose easily.

The power of the champion that everyone had forgotten about. At the beginning of the season, SSG is clearly showing.

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