4th place Manchester United slipped. Liverpool, which is currently on a five-game winning streak, meets Brentford at home and continues its hopes of advancing to the European Champions League (UCL) with six consecutive wins.

Liverpool 카지노사이트 and Brentford will play round 35 of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season at Anfield in Liverpool, England at 1:30 am (Korean time) on the 7th. Currently, Liverpool are 5th with 59 points and Brentford are 9th with 50 points.

It is a chaotic EPL. As fierce as the relegation fight is, the competition for Champions League spots is going in an unknown direction. 4th place Manchester United lost to 6th place Brighton and could not widen the points gap with 5th place Liverpool, and the competition for 4th place fell further into the labyrinth. Liverpool meet Brentford as they continue their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League.

The home team, Liverpool, fell to 9th in the league due to poor performance as key players left due to injuries at the beginning of the season, leading to a situation where all were eliminated from the cup competition. However, Klopp did not succumb to this and succeeded in changing the atmosphere by reorganizing the team with the forward placement of Alexander Arnold, who was sluggish. Then, with the return of key players, they achieved 5 consecutive wins to shake off the recent sluggishness, and while Liverpool was on the rise, rival teams stagnated, raising the rankings to 5th place. There is still a gap of one game, but Manchester United, fourth place, lost to Brighton, and hopes of advancing to the UCL can continue.

Liverpool, who have achieved a 10-game unbeaten streak at home in the league with five consecutive wins, once again welcome Brentford at home. After catching Brentford in this game and winning 6 consecutive league games and undefeated in 11 consecutive home matches, they plan to further accelerate the race to advance to the UCL, which has not yet ended.

However, visiting team Brentford is also not a very easy opponent. Brentford, which is currently in ninth place, is in a good mood as they have recently won two league games in a row and are undefeated in three matches. They are also a vigilant opponent for Liverpool, as they won 3-1 in their last encounter. Brentford is showing a performance that is not pushed back in the confrontation with strong teams enough to win against Manchester United and Man City following Liverpool.

At the center of Brentford this season is the performance of Ivan Tony and David Raya, who are responsible for the team’s front and rear respectively. Ivan Toni is third in league scoring with 20 goals, while David Raya is outstanding on the offense and defense with saves per 90 minutes and first in save percentage. In this confrontation with Liverpool, Ivan Tony is aiming for Liverpool’s goal, and David Raya plans to block the Liverpool attack led by Salah.

On the other hand, Liverpool, which is trying to win six games in a row, is regretful that Thiago Alcantara, a key midfielder, is out of the season. Thiago, who has not been able to digest the season properly due to injury this season, will no longer be able to play after the 33rd round of the league against West Ham. Paul Joyce of the British media ‘Times’ said, “Thiago was out for the rest of the season.” Currently, Liverpool consists of Fabinho, Harvey Elliot, and Curtis Jones in the midfield, but in order to finish fourth in the remaining games, it is regrettable that Thiago is absent in an unfortunate situation.

The defeat of 4th place Manchester United in a situation heading towards the end of the league, the ranking competition fell further into the labyrinth. Liverpool, who needs to continue the upward trend to advance to the Champions League, and Brentford, who want to finish the season higher than last season’s 13th place, will be able to picture the direction of the ranking at the end of this season.

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