Gwangju University’s key player Yang Yoo-jeong led the team to victory. 

Gwangju University won 87-52 against Kangwon National University in the 2023 KUSF U-League held at the Gangwon National University Gymnasium on the 26th.

Gwangju University ㅋㅋㅋ벳won a wire-to-wire victory against Kangwon National University, which consisted of 6 players, without giving up a single lead from the beginning to the end of the game. At Gwangju University, six players scored in double digits, but the player who stood out the most was Yang Yoo-jeong, a sophomore, who was chosen as the key player by head coach Seon-kyung Kuk this season. 

From the first quarter, Yang Yoo-jeong broke Kangwon National University’s sticky defense by going back and forth. He took part in offense with aggressive rim attacks and 3-pointers, and in defense, he turned Gangwon-do’s offense to no avail with fighting defense. With her performance like an all-round player, Gwangju University’s court energy level was maximized. 

As mentioned earlier, Yang Yoo-jeong showed off her hot fingertips in the mid-range and on the outskirts from the first quarter. In the second half, when Kangwon National University, physically exhausted, launched a regional defense, many open opportunities occurred around the 45-degree angle and around the corner.

However, Yang Yoo-jung chose to break through the net rather than her 3-point shot, scoring her 6th consecutive point. It was a sensible scene. With her streak of goals, the pendulum has definitely tipped toward Gwangju University. 

After the game, Yang Yu-jeong said, “I’m so happy to win. I was happy that my juniors could step on the court for a lot of time because I widened the score early.” 

Then, “There are many unnies out there who are better at 3-point shooting than I am. So I tried to be a source of strength with rebounds. I could.” He smiled shyly.

Yang Yoo-jung recorded 15 points, 10 rebounds and 5 steals in 32 minutes and 13 seconds that day. Even though he is a sophomore, he is lightening the shoulders of head coach Seon-kyung Kuk every day with his flawless play, from the way he commands the team, the hustle play where he throws his body at one ball, and the goal that pierces the blood when he needs to score. 

As head coach Gook mentioned Yang Yoo-jung as the key player for Gwangju University ahead of this season, she is playing a lot of roles on the court. Although the game schedule is not tight, she played full-time in the previous game and scored 21 points, the highest score for both teams. Is there any physical burden?

Yang Yoo-jung said, “It would be a lie if I said there was no physical burden. Still, the best time to play is the best time to win. I’m even happier when I win. I’m on the court with the mindset that I have to play one more step and work hard. I have to play hustle so the team can attack once more. He left the court with a happy smile, saying, “I can do it, and these little things lead to easy goals like a quick break.”

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