Coach Park Dong-hyeok of Chungnam Asan FC is a long-serving coach representing the K-League. He has been in charge since 2018, so this year he is only in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do for 6 years.

From his debut season as a professional coach, he won the K-League 2 (Part 2) championship, and even after being switched from a military and police team to a citizen club and unable to supply good players, he raised the team from the bottom to the mid-rank.

The team, which was placed at the bottom of the 10 teams in the 2020 season, was ranked 8th in the 2021 season, and last season finished the season with a favorable result of 6th out of 11 teams with an increase of 1 team. Promising players such as Kang-hyun Yoo, who scored the most in K-League 2 last season (19 goals in 40 matches), were also discovered.

Chungnam-Asan, which produces the best cost-effectiveness with the smallest budget in the second division, is great if it achieves a similar rank to last season every year, but coach Park’s ambitions are endless. 스포츠토토

At the recent K-League training media camp held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju, coach Park said, “Last season, we achieved our goal of 6th place and 45 points. He expressed his determination for the new season, “I didn’t reach that goal last year, but I did my best this season. We built up a lot of invisible trust. If we score goals, we are confident in our organizational power and teamwork. We look forward to achieving our goals.” .

Coach Park pinpointed the score and revealed his concerns. It seems that there will be an effect of the departure of Yoo Kang-hyun, the highest scorer in the second division last season. Director Park also said, “It’s the most worrying thing.” Still, an alternative was provided. Duarte has been proven in the K League 2. Coach Park said, “So I brought Duarte. I’m also considering recruiting other mercenaries. Something good will happen soon. I’ve been in K3 and 4, but I also have young domestic players who have scored more than 40 goals in two years. I have a sense of goal. I hope that the new players will play the role of replacement.”

Specifically, “I look forward to scoring and help from Duarte. I wonder if we won first place for the second year in a row in switching offense and defense, but there was a lack of detail in it. (Duarte) would help in that area. Points in that I think they will also upload it. They are doing better than expected.”

He picked veteran Song Seung-min as the player to look forward to this season. Coach Park said, “Seung-min says he will give you 10 points (laughs). If you achieve this, you can go PO. (Lee) Hak-min is also one of the players who works the hardest. I expect him to do well this year. Jo Yoon-seong from Gangwon FC has not debuted yet, but he understands our soccer well. I look forward to it because he is in better shape than I thought.

As for the change in style, “I used to play defensive soccer until last year, but since last year, I prefer attack-oriented soccer. I prepare to have a lot of balls in the opponent’s attack area.”

Director Park emphasized and emphasized mutual trust. He said, “It is important how well we can communicate with each other. Because we have trust, the players can also feel comfortable. We have a sense of responsibility within that. Last year, out of 40 games, there was only one game that collapsed easily. It is proof that we have become stronger. The existing players understand the direction we want, and (Park) Sejik, (Kim) Kangguk, and (Lee) Eunbeom know very well. shouted

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